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Experience Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing!

Brechin Point Ice Hut Rentals Inc. is a fish hut operation located on the East shore of Lake Simcoe. 

We are located at 10 Simcoe Road Brechin, ON. L0K 1B0, just a 

 5 minute drive off Hwy 12 in Brechin.  We are here to give you a great experience out on Lake Simcoe and hope that your limit is caught every-time you are out with us.  This is not a guarantee as that's the 

fishing game. You win some and you lose some, but you'll have fun trying to land those, Lake Trout - Whitefish - Burbot (Ling) and Herring. 

We are here to provide you with a safe and comfortable winter ice fishing experience on Lake Simcoe. 

Transportation is provided for all our customers in/out to our huts. There is a minimum charge on weekends. Sizing is (8x8) huts  Bungalows (8x14) with BBQ

All are huts come with a propane cook stove, tip-up stands, bucket and of course fresh bait (Minnows) 1 scoop, all included in our prices with daily rentals. We can offer over night huts also 2 per hut (8x8) and (8x14) Bungalows  4 per hut with no over night checks

There is also 4 outhouses (clean), located near our huts for customers to use throughout the day/night of 

ice fishing

All of our machines are, GPS-equipped for safe travels from land to huts. Please make sure you are dressed for the weather, as it gets cold up here traveling in/out on the ice.


**Bring a lunch, fishing gear and fish finder as these aren't included**


Aaron Willis and Jeff Lewis we're born and raised in the local areas around the East shores of Lake Simcoe. They have been venturing out on Lake Simcoe since they we're little gaffer's, which has given them many year's of experience ice fishing on Lake Simcoe. 

Aaron and Jeff are daily fisherman once the ice is safe enough, there isn't a day that goes by in the winter months that they aren't out on Lake Simcoe ice fishing. 

Aaron and Jeff have been ice fishing Brechin Point side now for over 12 years. 

Lake Simcoe can be very unpredictable of course, just like any other lake in Ontario, so please be safe out there. There are fisherman who say this is how she got her name, Lady Simcoe. 

Please be aware at all times if you are venturing out with buddies and not hut operators. Make sure you always check ice conditions with local hut operators and the weather before heading out and always tell someone where about you are going just in case.  Always be on your A game on Lake Simcoe, make sure to always have a buddy system, wear a flotation suits, bring ice picks and a spud just in case they are needed when venturing out. 

Safety first is a rule, that should be followed always when out on Lake Simcoe or any lakes. 

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